Frequently Asked Questions

You can click the Book Appointment button at the menu bar of the Home page to book an appointment.

You can also call our clinic number at (647) 748-3311.

We offer both in-person and virtual consultations at the Maxum Health Clinic.

Fees are listed in the Book Appointment page.

No, Naturopathic Medicine is not covered by OHIP. However, it is covered under most extended health insurance plans.
We offer direct billing for most insurance companies. Please be sure to check if your extended health coverage covers Naturopathic Medicine prior to booking your first appointment.

You can find our address on the Contact page. The closest intersection is Midland Ave and McNicoll Ave. If you travel by car, there is ample parking. It is also accessible via TTC.

You can email us at or phone us during our office hours at (647) 748-3311.

  • Hormonal testing, Food sensitivities testing, Allergy testing, Stool testing, Digestion and Metabolic testing
  • Pain and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, Facial acupuncture
  • Laser acupuncture for people who are afraid of needles
  • Electric Moxibustion and Cupping
  • ISTM Muscle Release
  • Pelvic Floor Therapy
Yes, a licensed naturopathic doctor will assess potential interactions between medication and the proposed treatment plan.
Naturopathic doctor can order regular and specialized blood work. In fact, naturopathic doctor offers a much wider range and in-depth tests. While the tests are not covered by OHIP, some insurance plans provide coverage for these tests. Please check with you insurance company.

Pelvic Floor Therapy is just another name for Pelvic Physiotherapy. Pelvic Physiotherapy does not need to be performed by a Physiotherapist. As a Naturopathic Doctor, Esther has received additional training in pelvic physiotherapy. Combined with her naturopathic training, she provides a more holistic approach to patients with pelvic floor conditions.

Patients concerned urinary incontinence, urine leakage, uterine prolapse, pelvic floor pain, overactive bladder, bowel dysfunction, pelvic floor weakness, internal cystitis, pregnancy preparation, tailbone pain, menopause, prostatectomy, transition related surgeries, preparation for pelvic surgery, post pelvic cancer rehab and persistent back pain that isn’t resolved by regular treatment.