Our Team

We are a Naturopathic Clinic Caring for Patients in Markham and Scarborough

The ultimate goal of Maxum Health Clinic located in Scarborough is to maximize health. While we strongly believe in the Naturopathic approach in treating the whole person, we recognize conventional medicine has an important role in health care. Most patients we see are also seeing conventional medical doctors.

We have to make sure our treatments are coordinated. We aim at collaborating with medical doctors in the conventional medicine field to achieve the maximum result for our patients. Maxum Health Clinic is fortunate enough to have medical doctors on board acting as consultants.

Dr Isabella Leung

Dr. Isabella Leung, ND

I have been immersed in conventional medicine all my life. Nearly all my family members practice as conventional medical doctors. I have seen the curative power of conventional medicine. On the other hand, I have also seen chronic conditions that conventional medicine can offer very little help. With conditions like auto-immune, alzheimer’s disease, mental health, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, medications are offered to control the disease progression and mitigate the symptoms. Patients often complain about the side-effects of various medications. Sometimes, they suffer more from the side-effects of the medications than the disease itself. That inspires me to look into complementary medicine that takes a different route to improve health.

I was trained in the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and obtained the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. During my training period, I was part of the Adjunctive Cancer Care specialty team which provided care to cancer patients in various stages of disease. I was also part of the Cervical Cancer Screening project piloted by Cancer Care Ontario. On top of the vigorous curriculum and training, I am very passionate about primary care research. I have participated in a number of primary care research projects and have been a presenter of the North American Primary Care Research Group.

I have special interest in Acupuncture and have successfully treated many conditions using Acupuncture. I was also fortunate enough to learn under renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners from China while attending the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am also certified in Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture and have participated in training new students.

As a strong believer in Naturopathic Medicine, I am very involved in educating the general community about it. Participating in broadcasting as a regular guest in radio programs has enabled me to communicate in detail about Naturopathic Medicine. I have also been invited to share my knowledge in different small groups and events.

Dr. Esther Lu, ND

Hey, nice to meet you. I’m here to introduce myself and what I enjoy doing.

I’ve always been a strong proponent of the mind and body connection. What we experience and feel has a massive impact on our perception on the world, others and ourselves. These can be helpful mental constructs but can also be harmful and self destructive. Many conditions that involve pain, digestion, sleep and the mind have their root in harmful and distorted images and I’m here to help unravel them with you.

However, this doesn’t always mean talk therapy. It is extremely useful to have an impartial third person to sound things out with. But as they say, you can’t just talk the talk. You also have to walk the walk.

The human brain is really interesting because of its ability to make short cuts. It saves time and resources and lets us make snap decisions when needed. However, these short cuts aren’t just thoughts. They bundle in emotions and body sensations as well. For example, many people feel butterflies in their stomach when nervous or their blood rushes to their head when angry.

What’s interesting is that it isn’t just a one way street. If something unrelated causes those butterflies or the blood rush it can trigger that nervousness and that anger. Your brain will see that sensation and think, “Hey, last time I felt butterflies I was nervous. This means I should be nervous now”. Imagine how disruptive that would be if something as mundane as drinking coffee cause butterflies in your stomach which leads to extreme nervousness?! Of course, that example is a bit of an exaggeration.

This is where I try to help. Help you become aware of these connections, breaking them down and forming new and protective shortcuts.

What are ways I can do this? As a naturopathic doctor I have access to a couple different resources. Talk therapy was one, acupuncture, herbal medicine/supplements and specialized exercises are all on the table. My goal is to form a personalized and realistic treatment schedule with you. There is no point in trying to do the impossible.

I have also received extra training for Pelvic Floor Therapy from Pelvic Health Solutions in 2019. Many men and women experience chronic pain or incontinence and assume it is normal. It doesn’t have to be. As a part of your postural muscles the pelvic floor is where a lot tension can be held. Just like how some people get neck pain or headaches from stress you can get low back or pelvic floor pain as well. Feel free to see me or another licensed pelvic health specialist for an assessment and treatment.

Dr. James Leung

Dr. Chi Kay Leung, MD, MBBS, CCFP, FCFP

Dr. Chi Kay Leung, MD, MBBS, CCFP, FCFP is an experienced family physician with practices in North York and Scarborough. He has been awarded the certification in Family Medicine and holds the Fellowship in the College of Family Physicians of Canada. He is a medical staff of the Department of Family Medicine in the North York General Hospital and Scarborough Hospital.

He is also a lecturer in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. He has multiple presentations in the Family Medicine Forum in Canada and NAPCRG in North America. He has been invited as a guest speaker in diverse medical topics on Fairchild Radio, AM1540 A1 Radio, Fairchild TV and OMNI TV programs.